Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2023

  • Diversity and Composition of Homegarden Agroforestry Implication for Biodiversity Conservation in Bure District, Ilubabor Zone, Southwest Ethiopia

    Tadele Weldebirhan, Derebe Terefe, Dawit Bekele

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 50-54
    Received: 18 July 2023
    Accepted: 9 August 2023
    Published: 22 August 2023
    Abstract: Homegarden agroforestry is a multi-purpose agroforestry approach used by rural farmers in and around their houses to diversify their livelihoods and stabilize their food security. Fifty three plant species, disperse into 23 families, were recorded in the study area from highland, lowland and midland Homegarden agroforestry. The Myrtaceae family is ... Show More
  • Effect of Human Activities on the Degradation of Vegetation Cover in the Sudano-Guinean Savannahs of Adamaoua, Cameroon

    Ranava Dieudonne, Maigari Pale, Massai TchimaJacob, Jean Boris Sounya, Ignatchimbie Bethlehem, IbrahimaWanié Sago, Tchobsala, Ibrahima Adamou

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 55-66
    Received: 26 July 2023
    Accepted: 21 August 2023
    Published: 31 August 2023
    Abstract: The high savannahs of Guinea are highly diverse and play an important role in maintaining biodiversity. However, they are periodically subjected to various pressures that sometimes have a negative impact on the productivity of these ecosystems. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of logging and bush fires on the regeneration dynamics of ... Show More
  • Adaptation Verification of Irrigated Cotton Cultivars for High Productivity and Economic Advantage for Large Scale Production at Tendaho Sugar Estate, Ethiopia

    Zinaw Dilnesaw, Welday Gebreegziabher, Tesfay Hailu, Fikadu Abdisa, Abiy Getaneh, Mohamed Berhie

    Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2023
    Pages: 67-73
    Received: 17 June 2023
    Accepted: 31 July 2023
    Published: 8 September 2023
    Abstract: Adaptation performance field experiment on irrigated cotton cultivars for high productivity for large scale production and economic advantage were conducted in RCB Design by replicating four times to identify the high yielding with high quality cotton cultivar using surface irrigation at Tendaho sugar estate. All collected data were analyzed using ... Show More